Things you must know about a licensed moneylender in Singapore

licensed moneylender in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful place with a lavish lifestyle. The city is expensive as compare with other cities in the world and to live here a life, and you need money for it. But you can see that there are many people who all suffer from financial issues.

In such cases, it is the moneylender who comes to their rescue. You can see that the country has got several hundreds of money lenders, but among them all only some are legalized by the government of Singapore.

Why is legalized moneylender best?

As it is mentioned above, one can see that there are many money lenders. Some of these money lenders are private agencies and don’t come under any laws. As they don’t follow any rules for lending money, so the people who take money from here often end with a lot of mental harassment.

Apart from that, all they do charge interest rates and other charges in excess, and in the end, you end up paying more money than what you have taken from them. For all of it, you can see why it is always being advised you to seek assistance from legal money lenders.

If you are in search of getting the Crawfort SG, then you can visit Crawfort. Yes, it is considered as one of the top-rated money lending agency for you all. Moreover, you can see that this agency acts as per the laws set by the Singapore government for the money lenders.

So, for all these things, it is always considered as the best thing for you all to get in touch with the legal money lenders. They all can help you in getting things done in the right way.

Type of loans available with them

When you are heading for the money lenders, it is seen that people search for the type of loans available for them.

  • Secured loans

The very first kind of loans available for you all is secure loans. You can see that in these kinds of loans, it includes a personal loan. While you go for it, you can see that you need the things in collateral. The collateral things must be having value more than the interest amount.

All these things are done so that if you can’t repay the loan amount, then it will get recover from collateral. Moreover, then, they, too, keep the agreement with them, and if you don’t act as per the agreement, they can take action against you.

  • Unsecure loans

These kinds of loans are available for you if you are carrying a small amount of money. Under this loan type, you can’t get a huge amount of loan for your needs. In these kinds of loan, moneylender provides money without taking any collateral things.

If you can’t pay the money in time or denies returning the money, then the lender can move to court to file a case against you. Apart from that, these kinds of loans often don’t lend by lenders as they can’t ensure to recover whole money from it.

Advantages to going for a licensed moneylender

In Singapore, there are various money lenders who all can help you financially. But still, you get to know that it is always best to get in touch with the licensed moneylender for it. Apart from that all, if you are in search of getting the Best Moneylender Singaporethen you can visit here.

When you are here to take the money, you will get many advantages from Crawfort.

  1. Minimal interest rate

The very first thing that you will get from here is the minimum interest rate. As per Singapore law, no legal money lenders can charge more than 4 percent interest rate. Due to that, it ensures that the interest amount that you need to repay here is less and affordable as well.

  1. Get better time for repayment 

When you are heading for the private money lenders, then you can see that they have got a bad record in taking the money from you. Apart from that, they offer you less time to repay the amount as well.

But here, you can get the best time period to repay the amount. Not only that, you can extend the time as well by paying a minimum fine for it.

  1. Can argue in the court of law

As to minimize the harassment on borrowers from money lenders, Singapore passes a law for it. In the law, it is asking not to charge more than the principal amount from borrowers. But in case you find it violating, then you can move to court against it.

You can see that a legal money lender will never try to defy the laws set for them all. Whereas, in the case of private money lenders, you can easily see that they can violate the law as they don’t have a license.

Where to get the loans quickly and in a secure way?

So, with all these things mentioned above, the next common question asked by the customer is where to get it. Well, many money lenders are all based in Singapore, but it is best to get from legal money lenders.

If you are searching for one, thenCrawfort SG is the leading money lender in Singapore. It is an approved money lender, and you can get more details by going for the  From there, you can see and go through the various services and loans that they offer to the customers.

Apart from that all, the agency is also well-known for the fast services in providing loans. When you are applying for the loan here, the loan usually gets a pass here within some hours as well. For all that reason, you should get here and apply for loans.

Wrapping up

So, if you are interested in getting the loans from here, you can get the best one from here. To know more about it, visit check the things out there for you all.

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